Our Process

Our process is flexible and customized to accomplish our primary goal - to enable us to help you find solutions to your organizational and leadership issues.

Informed Consultation
In our initial meeting(s) with a project sponsor and key stakeholders, we hope to learn enough about your business, organization, and leadership issues to offer constructive recommendations for next steps. We introduce products and services that apply to your specific situation and develop a project plan that clearly establishes mutual expectations and specific ways of working together.

Effective interventions rest on a comprehensive understanding of your situation and unique issues. We learn about you or your organization using appropriate instruments (e.g., 360-degree surveys, organizational climate surveys, etc.) tailored to your needs. Our assessments elicit high-quality, candid information through the use of well-designed questionnaires and confidential, professionally conducted interviews and/or focus groups. A 360-degree survey focuses on an individual coaching candidate, while an organizational assessment targets all relevant issues concerning the climate and culture of your organization, such as clarity of mission, standards of behavior, basic values (e.g., collaboration and communication), processes and procedures, performance management, and organizational structure.

Our goal is to provide you with feedback data in a manner that enables you to hear, integrate, and utilize it to improve performance. Along with a customized written report of the assessment results, you will receive a personal briefing by a coach with the experience and skills to communicate potentially challenging or sensitive information in a digestible style. Feedback from organizational assessment surveys is often also communicated to key stakeholders and participants at offsite or departmental meetings, which we can help you facilitate.

Action Planning
A developmental action plan based on the feedback results and ensuing discussions is created and shared with all parties critical to driving performance improvement. In executive coaching, this could involve only the coaching client and his or her supervisor. The plan is customized, detailed, and targets realistic situations faced in day-to-day work.

The most important step - the one that justifies the time, resources, and costs of assessment - is implementing the action plan. Working with you and other key stakeholders, we determine what follow-through activities will best fit your development objectives (e.g., executive coaching, team building, training, etc.).

After a period of time, clients often reassess to monitor progress, identify achievements, and expand their focus, where necessary, to developmental areas needing additional efforts.